Pay Your 2021 CHS Dues Online

The Cornell Hotel Society (CHS) represents over 12,000 alumni and affiliate members worldwide. When you support CHS, you support the Hotelie network and the activities of over 50 chapters worldwide, including leadership training, CHS scholarships, faculty events, and other school and society initiatives whose programs enrich and significantly impact the lives of students and alumni.

Dues Rates

Fees cover a calendar year, January through December, and are based on your year of graduation or preferred year, or your affiliate membership:

Cornell alumni

December graduates 1st year free
May graduates

remainder of the calendar year free

(You become a CHS member as a student in January of the year you graduate.)

Classes of 2016 - 2020 $25 per year
Classes of 2015 and earlier $75 per year
Lifetime membership $1,500 (best value)

CHS Affiliates

Annual membership $100 per year
Lifetime membership $1,500 (best value)

Learn more about becoming a CHS Affiliate member.